CFMEU Construction and General Division

The CFMEU Construction and General Division has unanimously supported the Uluru Statements call for Voice, Treaty & Truth, and resolved to support the campaign that seeks to achieve the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as contained in the Statement.


Kimberley Land CouncilKimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre, Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Aarnja

The meeting endorsed the Uluru Statement and called on the Federal Government and Opposition to support a referendum on a voice in the Constitution.


Pilbura Yule Bush Meeting

The Pilbura Yule Bush Meeting endorsed the campaign for a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice, Treaty & Truth.


NSW Koori Rugby League Knockout Carnival

At the Koori Knockout players, spectators, and some legends of the game lined up to join their voices to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Just like footy, if you don't get a team together and get out onto the field, how can you ever win! First Nations are ready to kick off!


Redfern Community Centre Uluru Statement Forum

The Women’s Reconciliation Network attended a Redfern Community Centre Uluru Statement Forum. They were very supportive and posted the following on their Facebook page:

It was an honour to hear from the Uluru Statement Work Group delegates in Redfern. They spoke of their experience in joining around 250 other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from around the country to decide what constitutional reform they envision for their people.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is the document containing their aspirations for a constitutional voice, and a treaty and truth telling commission or, as they put it in the Yolgnu word, Makarrata.

We encourage friends to go to www.1voiceuluru.com to learn more and to join their voices.



The team on Noongar country are organising to win #VoiceTruthTreaty.


Yamatji Marlpa Bush Meeting

We, the Marlpa People at the 2017 bush meeting, wholeheartedly endorse, the Uluru Statement From the Heart. We historically made our voice strong In the Pilbara today, now we historically join with other First Nations in calling on our WA State and Federal Government to fully commit to a process towards Voice Treaty, and Truth.


Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program (NATSILP)

Congratulations to the ARLF NATSILP 2017 Graduates. They are inspirational developing leaders from many different backgrounds, and from many different regions, all working hard for their people in their community. To achieve positive lasting reform our people need brave, strong leaders; our cause is stronger as these brothers and sisters return home with big ideas and the determination and confidence to win.


SNAICC – National
Voice for our Children

The Uluru Statement was well received at the final plenary of the #SNAICC2017 Conference. Our children are the future; the struggle for Voice, Treaty and Truth cannot be lost so that powerlessness remains their burden.


North Queensland
Land Council

The Board of the North Queensland Land Council & a number of delegates on the 30th August at their PBC Summit in Cairns, resolved to fully support the calls for a constitutional Voice, Truth and Treaty as was so powerfully put in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We wish to see these outcomes in this generation to save the next; we therefore join our voices with the Yolgnu, Gurindji, and the Cape York Land Council in the challenge to the Prime Minister to commence the referendum process.



Today on the anniversary of the Wave Hill Walkoff, we reenacted the walk off that was the beginning of our struggle for land rights and fair working conditions. It was our actions that led to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam giving our country back to us in the symbolic gesture that is celebrated today in Australian history. The call of Voice Truth and Treaty out of Uluru this year was another action that we will be a part of.

Dr Yunupingu put down a challenge to our Prime Minister at Garma to see the call for a voice enacted. We join our voice with theirs with the vision of seeing a Gurindji speaking to parliament, and the truth being told about our history. A settlement of our sad past can be resolved by Makarrata.


Cape York Land Council

Delegates from the Cape York Land Council meeting endorsed the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 


Northern Territory Trades and Labour Council

The Uluru Statement from the Heart was presented to the peak body of Union’s in the Northern Territory at their 2017 AGM. A resolution of support was carried unanimously.


AEU NT Branch

The Uluru Statement from the Heart was presented to the Northern Territory Council of the Australian Education Union (AEU). A resolution of support was carried unanimously.